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History of IRS Help, Inc.

Former IRS Revenue Officer John J. O’Neill founded IRS Help, Inc. (“IRS Help”) to help companies identify tax solutions and resolve tax problems. IRS Help’s team provides advice on protecting assets from seizure and develops strategies for overcoming short-term pressures. Its professionals then design and oversee the implementation of comprehensive tax plans that allows organizations to move beyond past difficulties, take advantage of available opportunities and compete effectively in the marketplace.

Since its inception, IRS Help has sought to diversify its business focus by investing in distressed assets purchased from bankruptcy estates. The Firm’s tax workout consultants recognize that companies who file for bankruptcy may not be unprofitable - just poorly managed. The IRS Help team is able to identify and purchase these distressed companies at or below market costs, recreate a positive cash flow and generate a substantial return for investors. In other cases, they have found that individual asset purchases can be lucrative. A bankrupt business could have assets such as machinery, equipment, automobiles or real estate, all of which can be acquired at liquidation prices.

For the year ending December 31, 2014, 936,795 Americans have filed for bankruptcy. These filings consist of both personal and business filings under Chapters 7, 11, and 13. Over the last decade, bankruptcy has become more and more common. Consumer debt has driven an increasingly large percentage of the American population to bankruptcy courts around the nation.

The professionals at IRS Help, Inc. carefully monitor bankruptcy filings in jurisdictions all over the country. Bankruptcy court provides a unique, ongoing opportunity to purchase companies and assets at a fraction of their market value.

Why IRS Help?

The professionals at IRS Help have experience in the fields of insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy. IRS Help’s founder, John J. O’Neill, is a former IRS Revenue Officer who wrote the IRS manual on Bankruptcy. Mr. O’Neill was also the Chief of the IRS Solvency Unit in Buffalo, NY for two years. The IRS Help team has worked across the nation and continually makes a substantial return on its investments. Its management team is willing to mentor other professionals interested in learning about this industry. No one else provides the content, the depth or the level of training offered by IRS Help.
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